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3 Function Hospital Bed

  • 3 Function Beds Manual ABS Panel
  • ABS Head and Foot panel with locking and corner buffer. Frame work made of M.S. Tube.
  • Side Railing : Pair of Foldable Aluminum Side Rails
  • Holder for Urine bag. Provision for I.V. Rod at all corners.

5 Function Hospital Bed

  • Pair of ABS SIDE_RAILING and ABS head and Foot Panel
  • Five Function available With Electrical Operation
  • ABS Head and Foot panel with locking and corner buffer
  • Frame work made of M.S. Tube
  • Four Electric Remote at the Foot End of the Bed

Air Bed Bubble

  • Premium design
  • Comfortable
  • Pain relief
  • Durable

Alpha Airbed basic

  • Alpha Bed with Bubble Mattress is simple and easy to operate.
  • The portable and lightweight mattress is designed to provide optimized comfort for the ailing lives.
  • This is ideal for all age groups.
  • More than 130 air bubbles
  • Durable product, thanks to the quality material

Beside Screen

  • Tubular CRCA frameworks
  • It mounted on castor wheel
  • 8 nos. non-rusting castor wheels
  • It has 3 frames of equal size
  • 1pc green curtains with springs
  • Available in Complete SS

Carsh Cart Trolley

  • Longer Life & Four Swivel Castor
  • SS I.V Rod, SS Top & Shelves
  • Smooth Edges Corrosion Resistance
  • Six Removable Plastic Bins & Two Polystyrene Lockable Storage Units with Three Drawers Each
  • Complete with Corner Buffers, Powder Coated Oxygen Cylinder Holder
  • Cardiac Massage Board & Electric Lamp

Dressing Trolley

  • Frame, shelves, side rails made from stainless steel sheet
  • Swivel wheels 10 cm
  • Supplied with bucket and basin

Examination Couch

  • Overall Approx size:187L x 51W x 81H
  • Adjustable backrest by gas spring system
  • Two sectional upholstered top
  • Provided with three Drawers and three Cabinets
  • Tray for BP Apparatus provided near head rest
  • Epoxy Powder Coated

Full Fowler Hospital Bed

  • Frame work made of rectangular M.S tube
  • 2 section top made of perforated M.S sheet
  • Head & foot panels
  • Location for IV rod
  • Back rest and knee rest position obtained by handle
  • Foot stands has rubber shoes

IV Stand

  • Stainless Steel Tubular construction
  • Five legs plastic/polymer base with 50mm dia. Castors
  • Stainless Steel Tubular construction. Five legs plastic/polymer base with 50mm dia. Castors
  • SS double hook IV rod. Adjustable height spring loaded

Semi Fowler Hospital Bed

  • Frame work made of Rectangular M.S. Tube
  • 2 Section Top made of perforated CRCA MS sheet.
  • Back Rest Section, maneuvered by Screw Handle from Foot End
  • Tubular head and foot bows of unequal height with vertical bar supports.
  • Location for Four IV Rod.
  • Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated

Stretcher Trolley

  • Automatic loading stretcher easy to load and unload from emergency vehicle without lifting
  • Legs can be fold under cot automatically when rolling into vehicle
  • When rolling into vehicle legs can be unfold and lock in operating position
  • As a cot removing from vehicle, left-hand and right-hand control levers unlock front and back legs

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